Today’s schedule called for 8 miles for this step-back week, but I didn’t feel like stepping back – I wanted to step up.  So I did 12 instead, but I did fun miles. 

The first half was fairly uneventful.  I stopped at the end of mile 6 to towel down, water up, and snap some photos of the local characters, one of which decided to strike a pose for my foggy camera lens on my phone.

Despite the uncomfortable heat and humidity, I felt great on this beautiful fun run.  

I saw several of the regulars out today – Stick Man, Red White & Black Guy, and lots of other obsessed athletes who weren’t about to let the weather deter them from their appointed rounds in the countryside.  A few motorcycles, some church-goers, and lots of pick-up trucks from local farms rounded out the passers-by.

The soaking from my own sweat served as an air-conditioning unit when I headed toward home in a slight breeze, and I finished up with energy to spare and a smile on my face.

After a long shower, I surrendered myself into the very capable hands of Magic Hands, my favorite professional masseuse.  After several appointments, I think we’re both getting more comfortable and he seems to know exactly where and how to touch me to heal the pain and help me achieve maximum relaxation.

I spent the rest of my day watching sappy love stories while I did a few things around the house.  I used to watch romantic movies and cry, wishing I could live a love story like that.  Even when I was married I remember feeling that way.  But today, while ironically living a very single life, I could write a story that would rival the sweetest fairy tale and send other women’s jealous hearts swooning.

It’s going to be another tough week without Coach, but I need to focus on wrapping up some current projects at work, and I’m hoping that will distract me.  The word on the street is that one of the characters from the Real Housewives of New Jersey will be working out in my gym this week.  Interesting.

So, I’m wrapping up this weekend with an optimistic hopefulness that more good things are coming my way, and that life will soon return to normal, including lots and lots of happy, heart-opening running. 

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