Month: August 2013


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Marching On

The days are racing by so quickly; I feel disoriented.  I just don’t have enough time for everything.  While I long for the evening when I can crawl into my comfy bed, it always comes too soon with too many things left undone. It’s an interesting time in my life.  I’m gratefully watching my daughters grow into beautiful young adults and reluctantly acknowledging my … Read More Marching On


Today was a wild ride. My senses were on high alert, and every cell in my body was alive and dancing.  I could feel the energy pounding everywhere – from my fingertips to the back of my neck to… yeah, well, everywhere. It was a crazy sensation that left me breathless and dizzy. Far beyond a typical hormone-rage that escalates my sex drive, this … Read More Intoxicated

The Dawn of a New Day

I sobbed my way through so many love stories.  The Notebook left my face so swollen and puffy, I had a headache for days.  I thought I would never live a story where I felt that loved and happy – surely those fantasies were reserved for very special people, and unfortunately, I didn’t seem to be one of the lucky few. But I longed … Read More The Dawn of a New Day

Safe and Sound

I can’t count the number of times recently that I’ve stared at my computer screen, overwhelmed with emotion, unable to find words to express myself.  It’s happening more and more regularly; hence my posts are fewer and further between. I’m lost in a world of unspeakable joy. I want so much to tell the story – to clearly describe this transformation and my experience … Read More Safe and Sound

Sugar Crush

My happiness factor has exploded to a brand new level.  It’s like the “sugar crush” mode in Candy Crush Saga – lights are flashing, brightly-colored candies are popping all over the place, and swedish fish are dancing across the screen, racking up total points like a pinball machine.  It’s exhilarating. And behind the candy-crushing fun lies a calmness and contentment that I don’t think … Read More Sugar Crush

Body Rock

Yesterday’s race, combined with this morning’s long run, left me crippled this afternoon.  I have soreness everywhere – in places I didn’t know could get sore from running.  Thank god I had a massage scheduled with my preferred therapist, who spent 90 minutes rubbing and stretching my legs out.  I’d hate to think how I’d be if I hadn’t had that little luxury today. … Read More Body Rock