I really need to get into a new habit of going to bed earlier.  I don’t like this cycle of being too tired to write my blog posts, turning off the light much too late, and hating myself in the morning because I can’t drag my ass out of bed.  A break from running might help, but that’s the thing I love that keeps me sane, and I don’t want to give that up.

I’m slowly getting back into my running groove, but my head is still fucked up from that spring marathon.  It’s amazing what a number that did on me.

Today I did my long, slow run in the evening for a change.  I also took a new route through some industrial-sized cornfields, peony patches, and more sunflower fields.  Bon Jovi, Journey, and Florida-Georgia Line were some of the artists that kept me company along the way, and I entertained myself with juicy sexy thoughts and obsessions.  Whoever said your sex drive dwindles during this menopause thing didn’t ask me about mine.

I have a week full of interesting things to keep me busy, and then I hope things will settle down into some sort of normal that will bring my eating and workout schedule back on track.  Coach suggested some interval training this week, after I whined about my expanding waist-line and ass, and I will dutifully obey.

I feel disconnected from my body lately.  I need to fix that.  

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