I sobbed my way through so many love stories.  The Notebook left my face so swollen and puffy, I had a headache for days.  I thought I would never live a story where I felt that loved and happy – surely those fantasies were reserved for very special people, and unfortunately, I didn’t seem to be one of the lucky few.

But I longed for it.  I ached for it.

These days, I feel like every love story I see is some version of my life.  Regardless of the time period or the circumstance, great tales all share the same passion and deep connection to love and life that I am feeling, although it’s hard to believe anyone alive or dead could feel such a big love as mine.

It’s as if the darkness in which I lived has finally yielded to a bright and shining dawn, and the light is casting a gorgeous glow on everything around me.  And I am convinced that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a more beautiful day than this.

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