Today was a wild ride.

My senses were on high alert, and every cell in my body was alive and dancing.  I could feel the energy pounding everywhere – from my fingertips to the back of my neck to… yeah, well, everywhere.

It was a crazy sensation that left me breathless and dizzy.

Far beyond a typical hormone-rage that escalates my sex drive, this was entirely different.  It wasn’t just a physical experience; my body joined with my mind and my soul to take me to a divine place and demanded to be expressed in a physical way because I have no other means to communicate this story.

Unable to indulge my craving, the feelings stayed with me all day and remain this evening, as strong as ever.

What is this? 

Sex for the sake of an orgasm is primitive and common.  My desire is not common.  My body wants to speak of Love – to shout and dance and cry and talk about things that the mind doesn’t understand and the soul cannot contain.  My body wants to be the messenger to deliver all of the thoughts and feelings that spin inside of me – that energy which has brought me life and Love.

I want to play – to touch, devour, kiss and surrender to this powerful thing.  I want to be ravaged completely until I’m exhausted and spent.  I want eyes to connect and souls to dance together while bodies gently caress and press against each other.  I want to feel Love pushing itself inside of me and filling me up with more joy than I can stand to hold until I’m weeping with happiness.  I want to fall asleep in its arms and wake up with it wrapped around me, and then begin all over again.

Oh, it’s not merely sex that I crave.  And passion is not enough, either.  It’s this crazy, intangible, mysterious thing that has challenged artists and poets and lovers since the beginning of time.  It cannot be understood; it can only be experienced.

And this is the magic that turns a nice little story into a beautiful, timeless fairy tale.

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