She wore a simple pullover dress with a conservative neckline and a flared hem that fell a little above the knee.  It was an innocent choice, paired with sweet black platform stilettos and a flapper-style chain.  Underneath lay her not-so-innocent secret – the black and leopard print lacie thong and black bra that pushed her breasts up and together.

The sexy lingerie is a daily decision that reminds her of her femininity and loud sex drive, which often get masked by her responsibilities and by motherhood, never mind the fact that the kind of sex she wants is not something she can find on Plenty of Fish or at the local watering hole.  Even if no one ever sees it – she is keenly aware of what lies beneath her more serious exterior.

She didn’t see him looking.

He approached her, purposefully, with a serious look.  Thinking he wanted to speak with her, she walked toward him with a smile.  Before she knew what was going on, he leaned down, shoved his shoulder into her waist, grabbed her around her legs, and threw her over his shoulder easily, while she screamed and looked bewildered.  He carried her effortlessly to a private area and pinned her against the wall.  She laughed nervously, thinking he was fooling around.

He stared into her eyes intently while he took one of her arms above her head and held it to the wall.  He quickly did the same with the other arm.  Holding them together at the wrists with one hand, he grabbed at her breasts with his other.  He covered her mouth with his and pushed his tongue hard against hers.  She struggled for a moment, but felt the ecstasy of it all and yielded everything to him.

He pushed the skirt of her dress up and yanked her very wet panties down while she squirmed with excitement…

Oh, lord… my sex drive is stuck in overdrive and setting off sirens.  Now what?

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