I’m excited to dream but too tired to sleep.

Life is busy and wonderful and moving forward like a freight train.  My running schedule is in the back seat while other things take the stage, front and center.  And it’s a good life – a really, really, very good, extraordinary life.

Yesterday’s workout with Coach felt deliciously comfortable as we hit our normal routine at the gym.  I’m helplessly attached to both “normal” and “routine.”  He was in beast mode and maxed the stack on set number one, finishing up with a satisfied look like he was easily ready to take on more.  We sneaked in some ab work that left me sore this morning, and I’m secretly thankful that something constructive is going on down there where I feel all fuzzy and mushy.

Coach has a gift for making me feel like I can take on the world, and yesterday was no exception.  What a way to end the week.

My sex drive is still revved up and shoots adrenaline through my system like silver balls in a pinball machine.  It’s bouncing around all over the place, setting off lights and bells and whistles.

The catch is that I’m so uncomfortable in this peri-menopausal body that most days I just want to unzip it and leave it in a pile on the floor while I strut around in the body from a shelf marked “25-Year-Old” in my mind.  I guess the key is to learn to be comfortable with my discomfort.  I’m still me, after all, whoever that is.  The years may be tearing down the outside, but the inside has never been in better shape than it is today.  And, quite honestly, if I had to choose the hot body and low self-esteem or the aging body with the joyful spirit, I’d pick the latter every time.  Happiness makes up for a multitude of unfortunate things, and living in Love is the heavenly story that has eluded me until now.

I am happy.  I am joyful.  The shoe fits, and I am living the Cinderella life.

I hope they play “Cupid Shuffle” at the ball.  

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