The other night I dreamed of flying.  I believe I’ve dreamed it before; it felt so familiar.  It started with me jumping and realizing I could jump very, very high and didn’t feel the pull of gravity yanking me back to earth.  So I relaxed and jumped higher and higher until I was floating in the sky above the buildings around me.  I found I could fly simply by launching myself into the air.

Everyone around me was shocked and surprised.  I was the only one flying, and in my dream I knew it was a pretty big deal.  And I could feel it.  I could feel exactly what I believe it’s like to fly.  The weightlessness… the powerfulness… the freedom and gratefulness… it was truly an incredible experience, even in my dreams.

I have been flying (figuratively, of course) for awhile now.  Life has been very good to me, and I have been blessed with a heart that is finally learning to open up.

I hate to say it started with the ending of my marriage, but maybe that’s true.  Maybe that’s the time when I decided to chart my own course and risk the storms that lay ahead.  I’ll never be happy about my divorce.  But my god, I sure have found immeasurable happiness since that awful day.

It seemed like I spent my whole life married to him, and in reality, 17 years was just a small part of it, even now.  And if I knew the happiness that was waiting down the road for me, I would have started the journey long ago.

But here I am, in the right place at the right time, and Life is taking me along a path I never, ever, ever would have dreamed of for myself.

Learning to trust those who are trustworthy has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.  But, as in flying, one must relax, let go, and believe that flying, while completely illogical, is a perfectly wonderful method of transportation in dreams.  Likewise, trusting has taken me to unseen heights and moved me through some of the most beautiful scenery I could ever imagine, and sometimes it didn’t make any sense at all.

Where to next?

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