I’m the happiest person on the planet.  I cried on the way home from work tonight from sheer joy and relief and overwhelming gratefulness I feel for every good thing in my life.  In most things, I don’t think I have been given any more or better than anyone else, but being able to feel it is what makes it divine.

There is one gift that remains remarkable and unmistakably the most generous treasure the heavens could bestow upon anyone, and I’m certain I did nothing at all to deserve it.  I’m left with my mouth hanging open like a penniless person who just won the lottery with her last dollar.  This is the thing that breathes Life into my lungs and Love into my soul.  It puts a fire in my belly and makes my cheek muscles sore from entirely too much smiling.  It’s an amazing energy that grasps me by the shoulders and shakes me down to shining Love every single time.  I could no more deny it than to insist the sun would not rise in the morning.  It is steadfast and sure.  I can count on it – depend on it – trust in it, completely and without hesitation.

And my trusting is not in rules or in “should’s.”  The sun doesn’t rise because I expect it to.  It rises because that’s just what the sun does.  The fact that its rising is critical to Life on earth is not a heavy burden of responsibility to the sun.  Day after day, it just does what it does, and Life grows in its presence – because of its presence.

And so it is, both with the sun and with Love.    

My itchy rash made its annual appearance last week, and while it wasn’t the worst round I’ve ever had, it sure hasn’t been fun.  Steroids, makeup, and the gritting of the teeth have gotten me through until today, when I woke up and felt almost normal, despite my red-bump evidence to the contrary.

I was glad to get back to the gym with Coach for an outstanding Holy Arm Day to kick off the weekend.  My radiance must have out-shined my rash, because Shoe Guy made a couple of comments about all the smiling.  What can I say?  Holy Arm Day makes me very fucking happy.

So, there you have it.  This is the story of an ordinary girl with an itch who runs a lot, sports a few bruises, and thinks way too much, who suddenly looked down at her feet and found herself dancing in perfectly-fitting, extraordinary glass slippers.  And smiling – she is smiling.  

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