I decided to head into the countryside on my favorite lollipop-shaped route for an unofficial half-marathon, training style.  It was by far my best run in months, not for time or distance, but for the sheer joy of it – for the strength and sturdiness of my legs, for my steady breathing, and for my spirit and self-esteem.

I rounded the corner for home at the end of the 13-plus miles at a solid, strong pace and sprinted the last few yards.  As I slowed to a walk for my cool-down, I felt an incredible power surge through my core like nothing I’ve felt before.  I felt all of the cells in my body join together into one unified energy source – one that could move mountains and destroy the darkest demons.  My jaw set in a determined clench, and I felt ready to do something big.

My recovery this afternoon was practically instantaneous.  I had no soreness whatsoever in my legs, and my energy level was high and remained high for the rest of the day.  I feel zen and calm and connected to Life and to my body in a way that I haven’t been for most of this crazy summer.

Now that I’ve learned more about the way the mind, body and spirit work together, it feels extremely uncomfortable and frustrating to be so out of touch from my physical self – like I’m walking around with my hands tied behind my back.

But today I was cut free, and all my parts seemed to work together exactly as they should.  I hope this is the beginning of a very interesting new chapter.

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