I deserve to be this happy.  I may not have done anything to earn it, but I deserve to feel the overwhelming joy I’ve been given for as long as it will be given, without interruption from my own self-sabotage bullshit.

I’m not going to suppose why I do what I do or make disconnected guesses about my behavior – I just want to put an end to it and learn to stay open and live in Love.

Trust my training.  That’s the mantra I’ve used for some serious races that required extraordinary focus and dedication.  Hasn’t my whole life until now been training for this moment?  This is when it counts.  This is the one race I don’t want to sit out or give up on.

Running a marathon is unthinkable at first.  I didn’t set out believing I could do it.  I heard all of the voices telling me to be careful or that I was crazy.  I thought I would hurt myself.  I was afraid of my drive and of my strength.  I was afraid of what I might be able to do, not of what I couldn’t.

What can I accomplish if I can stop being afraid?

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