Yesterday’s experimental 5K in the name of Autism fund-raising left me slightly bruised physically, even if my spirit was renewed.  So today I decided to let the soft, gentle, rolling hills of Harker Road massage my aching calves and hamstrings on a “short” long run, while my head basked in the possibility that my racing days aren’t over just yet.  

The road felt solid and sure beneath my feet and my legs absorbed the striking easily.  This older route had become second nature to me during the first 2 years of my training, and the temptation was to run faster with the shorter distance that I know like the back of my hand.  But that would have defeated my recovery goals entirely, so I forced the pace down to something more appropriate and let the run repair my body.
I remembered (with a smile) when those hills used to do me in.  Now I was moving with them, up and down, with a steady pace, and my head connected with my physical self in that magical way that all long-distance runners understand.  
And as I traded off distance and speed for recovery, I thought about the other areas in my life where I make conscious decisions to sacrifice one thing for another.  It all boils down to what a particular thing is worth when I’m determining what I’m willing to exchange for it.  Sometimes there really is no thinking to be done when I know exactly what I want.  
My happiness is so enormous that it’s worth everything.  A whole lifetime for one single minute of this kind of happy is nothing but my pleasure. 

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