When I was little, I thought girls longed for a prince and boys admired heroes.  I never thought much about the comic-strip characters with supernatural powers in terms of romance.  It all seemed like guy stuff to me.

I’m not a little girl anymore, but I still need the Prince.  The Prince is handsome and kind and can choose anyone he likes from his kingdom for a partner, which makes his choosing me all the more wonderful and exciting.  The power… the refinery… it’s all a beautiful, enchanting story filled with castles, pretty dresses, horses, and lots of kissing and ravaging and being whisked away by the most gorgeous man in the land.  Life is but a dream.

However, as of late, I recognize my insistent desire for a Hero, too.  I want strength – I crave it.  I want ridiculous, over-the-top Popeye muscles and a spirit to match.  I don’t mind watching him save the world as long as I know he’ll return to me and swoop me up in those perfect arms for a kiss that makes me melt.

I need a Hero – not because I’m helpless, but because I’m strong, and I can be a handful sometimes.  The Prince’s royal orders only go so far, and then I need to call in the big guns.

And finding a man who is both a Hero and a Prince is truly, truly extraordinary.

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