“I don’t want good, and I don’t want good enough.  
I want can’t-sleep-can’t-breathe-without-you love.”
~ Hunter Hayes, I Want Crazy

It’s been a pretty amazing week – one of those crazy, turn-your-whole-life-upside-down kinds of weeks.  I ran my fastest medium-length race to date, escaped into Cinderella mode for a glorious fairy godmother moment, celebrated Holy Arm Day with Coach, signed up to ride 280 miles through Cambodia for a cause, deferred a huge stressor for another 6 months, made serious progress in the garage, and started a new eating plan that I believe is going to change my life. 
I’m still wrapped up in the warmth of it all – so many good things at once.
The garage-cleaning project has really surprised me.  I didn’t expect to be so impacted by boxes of junk.  Every broken toy held a memory of raising babies in a difficult marriage.  Yellowed wedding keepsakes were tucked away lovingly by an optimistic young bride who desperately wanted to be loved. 
Nearly all of the toys made their way into the trash, except for the teeny tiny Cinderella doll no bigger than a penny which miraculously caught my eye – I kept her.  The wedding invitations, cards, and white books of matches got dumped as well, but not out of anger – because I just don’t need to hang on anymore.
And it felt good.  It felt very, very good.
I’m so happy with my crazy, untraditional life.  I’m thrilled that I’m no longer sitting at home watching the rest of the world live while I died slowly.  I’ve never been satisfied with “good enough.”  I knew the best was yet to come; I just can’t believe it finally did. 

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