I love words.  I love the sound of them, especially when I hear someone using an entertaining accent that happens to be different from my own.  I love selecting just the right one to convey a thought or a feeling when I write.  And when Spartacus speaks, I hang onto every single one that comes out of his mouth.

Words became important to me when I was very young – my mother used them to soothe me, and my father used them to correct me.  My friends at church used them to pray and testify about their spiritual growth.  I immersed myself in the written word and got lost in stories and characters whose lives seemed so much better than my own, seeking out quiet places to jot down my own thoughts and try to make sense of the noise in my head.  I learned which words would get me in trouble and which words to use to keep the peace.  I discovered that words, combined with music, could pack a powerful emotional punch.  I spent some time trying to learn other languages and I learned how to communicate with a limited vocabulary and lots of hand gestures.

But what about the unwritten and unspoken words?  When I’m left to interpret, I get to write the story my way.  I love being in control like that.  Between my gut and my imagination, I can come up with some pretty great stuff.

Lately, Life has been so wonderful that I think I’m surely embellishing the fairy tale in my mind.  Regardless of whether or not my reality is a pumpkin or a coach fit for a princess, I am Cinderella.  At least for the moment.

When the sun shines, it doesn’t need any words to tell me it’s shining.  And I don’t need to know how much it shines or what kind of shining it’s doing.  I just feel it – warm and happy on my skin, and I let it fill me up with energy and light.  And I don’t spend a single moment thinking about what will happen if the sun stops shining.  They don’t say, “As sure as the sun will shine,” for nothing.  

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