Today I learned how to tie a tie from the best tie-tier I know.  It’s always empowering to learn something new.  And when I came home to put my new skill to practice with my son’s Halloween costume, I found him fully dressed and ready to go, complete with his tie neatly tied.  Upon questioning, I learned he taught himself from a YouTube video and did not want my assistance.  What a smart kid.

It’s been a good day.

The landscape grabbed my attention and held it this morning, at least until I got to the turnpike.  Fall color is exploding everywhere in the countryside, and everything seems brighter and more vivid than usual this year.  I truly love the pictorial scenes with monstrous farm equipment resting in the amber, dried out fields with backgrounds of brilliant reds and oranges of the surrounding trees.  Even though Winter is coming, I love this part of the cycle.  Harvest – gathering the fruits of months of labor – is a happy time for farmers.  I plan to grab the last few tomatoes and some apples from a local friend’s family farm this weekend.

I knew when I was observing the view this morning that this is what I’ve been missing lately.  My running mileage has dropped drastically for many reasons, not the least of which is that I’ve just been tired.  But running brings me to life.  Running stops the spinning in my head and gives me enough peace to be fully present in the world around me.  And being in it is so different from seeing it through the windshield of my car.  I can never let that go.

Not surprisingly, Coach brought up this very subject with me during our shoulder workout this afternoon and echoed nearly every thought I had about it this morning.  I need to run.  

We talked about other things, too, as we always do, and I felt calm and secure afterward.  It’s like he takes a magic eraser to all of my fears and pulls me into the here and now, which is such a preferable place to being locked inside of my head.

And now the house is quiet as my grown-up kids are off doing their things while I await the next batch of cute little goblins.  Halloween holds a special magic that’s entirely different from Christmas Eve magic, but the combination of glowing pumpkins and darkness and the camaraderie of friends and neighbors produces an electric energy that fills me up with a similar satisfaction and delight.  And the high-volume sugar intake isn’t entirely awful, either, at least while I’m still inhaling.  Tomorrow will be another story.

Yep.  It was a damn good day.

1 Comment on “All Hallows’ Eve

  1. Yes, you need to run! You have not been writing about your two favorite things. Start with running! 🙂


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