Month: November 2013

I Believe

One of the things that really bugs me about Christmas is seeing a kneeling Santa in front of a Baby Jesus.  I mean, I understand the sentiment, and it’s very clever, but both of those symbols have become such a commercial statement at this time of year – it kind of turns my stomach. Despite being tarnished with holiday greed, each of these – … Read More I Believe

Oh, My… Apple Pie

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Now the Christmas that’s been simmering since Halloween will explode into a frenzy that will last until the New Year, and I won’t be fully recovered until sometime after Valentine’s Day. And so it goes. Holiday magic disappears in forced traditions and in the busyness of the season.  But I have found those lost moments of Christmases past … Read More Oh, My… Apple Pie

It’s a Wonderful Life

I was dreading the end of my forties.  It was a crazy decade with lots of drama, but it was by far my best one yet.  Empowerment, confidence, and a sense of Self came along and turned me into someone I always wanted to be.  My sex drive was no longer an evil curse, and my soul opened up like never before.  I found … Read More It’s a Wonderful Life


Today I celebrated Thanksgiving with a big feast of yummy homemade food with a room full of very nice people.  I found myself in the kitchen until the wee hours of the morning last night, pouring my heart into a Martha Stewart chocolate caramel tart with a song on my lips.  It’s been awhile. This morning I donned my traditional Thanksgiving sweater, a sage … Read More Thanks

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

I’m so stuck in my past experiences sometimes that it’s hard to imagine a chapter could end any differently than those I have lived before.  But apparently they can.  And they do.  And I’m so relieved. He teaches me, consistently and patiently, to trust those who are trustworthy; he probably doesn’t even realize the impact he has.  He’s quiet and gentle and calm – … Read More Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

Burials, Babies and Ballrooms

It’s a big week for JFK history.  Everywhere I turn I see another documentary or story about the tragic death of America’s favorite president.  And as the country grieved all those years ago, my mother delivered her first child. They say we can absorb our surroundings even while we’re still in the womb.  If it’s true, then I was born into sorrow and confusion. … Read More Burials, Babies and Ballrooms

This Too Shall Pass

The tears were mostly gone this morning, but my face was swollen up in all sorts of ugly places.  As I struggled to recognize the girl in the mirror, yesterday’s ick came flooding back into my mind and the sadness returned. Thank goodness I had a busy day filled with mindless activity to keep my head out of too much trouble. I went out … Read More This Too Shall Pass