Is there anything more wonderful in this world than knowing – really, really knowing – that someone will care for you regardless of your weight, your tears or your messy house?  I’m not talking about some starry-eyed, you-can-do-no-wrong, I’ll-put-up-with-anything attitude.  I’m talking about someone who knows your faults, understands them, supports you in your desire to improve, and who never waivers in their feelings the slightest bit – whose eyes never lose their twinkle when they look at you.

“I’ve tested him and proved him more than all I dreamed he’d be,” is a line from a religious song I sang in college, but it seems so appropriate here.
When I was a little girl, God was the symbol for the father I always wanted and the prince I hoped I’d find – a mythical creature who would love me no matter what.  But even with God I felt a tremendous pressure to be “good” and follow all the rules in a futile attempt to be perfect by the book.  
Being able to be completely myself – shortcomings and all – in the presence of another person is both terrifying and the greatest sense of freedom I’ve ever known.  And while I’ve lost my obsession with being “good,” he makes me want to be the very best me I can be.  
And thank goodness I have finally lost my desperate I’ll-put-up-with-anything attitude.  Unconditional Love doesn’t give anyone the right to be an asshole, and it doesn’t mean everyone deserves it. 
Bestow it cautiously; receive it gratefully.  And know that when it happens mutually, it’s nothing short of pure magic.  

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