I dragged myself out of bed even earlier than usual this morning to put in a midweek run and to keep a promise I made to Coach.  He’s pushing me – in a good way, like great coaches do – to get back to the thing that we both know lights me up inside and out.

I dressed without thinking and headed out in the dark with a glimmer of light on the horizon ahead of me.  I’d forgotten about the shoulder-shaking energy that the dawn brings.  It woke me up with a jolt and reminded me why I rarely used to miss a morning run.  By the time I was heading home, the sky was glowing with the hope of a new day and my spirit was on fire.

And that was only the beginning.

It was Holy Arm Day at the gym.  The veins in Coach’s biceps looked like well-drawn road maps.  The time flew by as I unashamedly ogled them and yet another workout was under my belt for the day.

I’m very happy.  Have I mentioned that lately?

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