It felt like that first bite of a warm, decadent chocolate dessert – indulgent and sweet on my lips and spine-tingling all the way down.  I lost myself in it completely, and if ever there was a perfect time to lose myself, that was it.

Everything melted inside of me – body, soul, and mind together in a sea of swirling joy – the current pulling us down deep into some magical place I’ve never been before.  And even as I began to lose consciousness, I felt my heart open up like a flower exploding to the sun, and I was filled up with a beautiful energy that sent my head spinning.

I let go.  

Falling… falling down deeper and deeper into the unknown, I never ever wanted to leave this comfortable, delicious place.  I was intoxicated.  The new sensations delighted my senses and sent me off on an unexpected journey to heart-pounding joy.

My body was relaxed but pulsating with excited shivers.  My soul was in a state of openness and Love.  And my head was thinking, “This is fucking amazing, and I’m the luckiest Cinderella of them all.”

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