The tears were mostly gone this morning, but my face was swollen up in all sorts of ugly places.  As I struggled to recognize the girl in the mirror, yesterday’s ick came flooding back into my mind and the sadness returned.

Thank goodness I had a busy day filled with mindless activity to keep my head out of too much trouble.

I went out for 5 miles, against my will and my desire.  It was on the schedule, and I’ve been trying to be committed to the schedule.  It was an angry run, I must admit, and it didn’t clear up by the end.  My lunch fought its way back up, but I didn’t lose it, thankfully.  But I could taste the foul, bitter bile of anger and resentment in my throat and in my mouth as I pressed through the chill and wind in the countryside I usually adore.  Today it felt like the enemy with its hands around my throat, and I just wanted to sit down and throw up.

And my whole body is puffed up like a pasta noodle that sat in the water way too long.

I am uncomfortable.  I’ve been uncomfortable.  And while I keep thinking I’ve found the source of the problem, I really haven’t at all.  My body is not my own these days, and neither are my emotions.  The Universe controls them like a puppeteer, who, in its infinite wisdom decided that women my age haven’t been through enough pain and torture in our lives and need a dose of some really nasty stuff before we enter our golden years.  Thanks.  I’m pissed at you, too.

If I knew what would make me feel better, I would do it.  A vacation?  Maybe.  An ultra marathon?  Maybe.  Going to bed?  Yeah, probably.

Wait it out.  Is there really any other choice?

1 Comment on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. You are too badass to let this win!!! A good night sleep? Yes! Tomorrow is a fresh start! Don't you dare give in to this Lisa!


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