It’s a big week for JFK history.  Everywhere I turn I see another documentary or story about the tragic death of America’s favorite president.  And as the country grieved all those years ago, my mother delivered her first child.

They say we can absorb our surroundings even while we’re still in the womb.  If it’s true, then I was born into sorrow and confusion.  My mother was happy, but the rest of the world was mourning and scared.  She often tells me how difficult that was for her – experiencing the joy of bringing a baby into the world during that awful time.  
I suppose here I could digress into a heavy psycho-analysis of my childhood, but I’d rather focus on the here and now.
I had a very nice run this afternoon that lifted my spirits and secured my positive attitude that had begun earlier in the day.  I think I’m back on track now. 
Thank goodness.  Dancing is so much more fun than moping around.  

1 Comment on “Burials, Babies and Ballrooms

  1. Yes, focus on here and now Lisa. That other stuff is way to deep! Lol. Very nice job on your run. Stay positive and keep dancing!


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