Today I celebrated Thanksgiving with a big feast of yummy homemade food with a room full of very nice people.  I found myself in the kitchen until the wee hours of the morning last night, pouring my heart into a Martha Stewart chocolate caramel tart with a song on my lips.  It’s been awhile.

This morning I donned my traditional Thanksgiving sweater, a sage green Vince Camuto wrap from his earlier days that had me looking for other pieces in his collection before anyone knew who he was.  With my birthday looming this weekend, I decided to add some glitz and rummaged through my lingerie-ish drawer until I found a silver-sequined tank top from days gone by.  I pumped up the cleavage with a sparkly black bra and told myself it was sort of appropriate work attire and this was a special occasion.  Crystal earrings and a chunky crystal ring, and I was in full-blown 50th birthday denial.

And that was the least of the Thanksgiving.

Whatever has had a hold of me lately loosened its grip, and I felt like myself again all day long.  I felt lit up from the inside, and my grateful spirit awakened.  I was calm and happy.

Did I mention happy?

When I expect nothing, the Universe blows me away every single time.

Love greeted me with open arms today, and I fell into them gratefully.

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