Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Now the Christmas that’s been simmering since Halloween will explode into a frenzy that will last until the New Year, and I won’t be fully recovered until sometime after Valentine’s Day.

And so it goes.
Holiday magic disappears in forced traditions and in the busyness of the season.  But I have found those lost moments of Christmases past in the everyday joy of living, and thankfully I don’t have to wait until December to experience the exhilaration of life and Love.
But when those tiny white lights begin to twinkle everywhere you look, the world takes on a happy glow, and if we’re lucky enough to get some of the fluffy white stuff, the peacefulness that blankets the earth under a crisp sky makes the spirit of Christmas come alive.  
The key, for me, is to unplug all the bullshit and connect with everything good and beautiful and real – not the illusion of some wonderful life made just for television.  Because my life – my life – is so much more lovely than the most beautifully written Christmas story.  
And so I enter this holiday season with a happy heart that’s open to all that the Universe has to offer.  
I think I must surely be one of the most grateful human beings on the planet. 

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