One of the things that really bugs me about Christmas is seeing a kneeling Santa in front of a Baby Jesus.  I mean, I understand the sentiment, and it’s very clever, but both of those symbols have become such a commercial statement at this time of year – it kind of turns my stomach.

Despite being tarnished with holiday greed, each of these – St. Nick and Jesus Christ – symbolize faith as the evidence of things unseen.  Unseen –  not facts.  Not logic.  Not “real life.”  We take the stories we hear, the feelings we experience, and we make up the rest in our heads.  We trust.  We believe.  It comforts us and gives us something to hold onto.  And in this believing, we experience a powerful magic that can change lives and generate hope when all appears lost.

It’s good to believe.  It’s good to use a little imagination to create a life of our dreams.  And I believe the power of that positive thinking really can change my world.  At the very least, it changes my perception of it, and that seems to be key to a very happy life.

The world may suck, and we all have hurts to heal, but a grateful heart and a little bit of dreaming can turn an ordinary life into a beautiful fairy tale.

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