Month: December 2013

2013 – Lessons in Love

As 2013 draws to a close, I’m finding it hard to believe that it wasn’t all a beautiful dream.  I finally have the kind of happiness I always wanted – at least when it comes to the things that really matter.  My closets will have to wait, but I never read any fairy tales that focused on clean closets anyway. I had some big … Read More 2013 – Lessons in Love

Closing in on Christmas

It was a good day.  A little running, a little working, a little cleaning and prepping… a little eating and drinking and a LOT of chocolate.  Ugh. Sometimes it’s tough not to be closer to my family during the holidays.  But what am I really missing?  A crowded Christmas Eve service at church and ham sandwiches?  My family is pretty broken, not unlike a … Read More Closing in on Christmas

Say Something

Anyone who knows me well knows the word “salesman” leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.  I’m not a fan. In my experience salesmen are slick-talking schmoozers who will say anything to achieve a desired reaction from another human being.  They know if they tap that hammer in just the right spot on your knee, you’re going to give a little kick. The good … Read More Say Something

All Aboard

I think I’m just about ready to tackle my training schedule for the Spring season, and it’s about time.  I’ve been fooling around for months and months with my heart half in it and with a rebelling, wrecked body.  But it’s time to snap back to one of the things I really love – the thing that put me on a fast track to … Read More All Aboard

My Wonderful Life – 2013

I couldn’t summarize my 2013 any better than this darling sculpture I came across while Christmas shopping.  See the tiny Cinderella shoe?  I mean, c’mon.  This was custom-made for me.   I wish I knew how I got here.  If I could write it up I’d have a best-seller for sure.  One day I was cleaning fireplaces and wistfully dreaming about the ball.  Somehow, … Read More My Wonderful Life – 2013

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Last year I wasn’t too jazzed about Christmas, but this year, I am fa-la-la-la-la-ing all over the place.  I might – might – even send out cards.  I might do some baking.  I’m definitely chopping down a tree from our local farm this weekend, dragging it home, and smothering the thing with all the white lights it will tolerate.  Then we’ll pull the ornaments … Read More Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time


I’m tired.  I need a few more hours in my day for dreaming because I don’t think I have time to dream at night.  I fall asleep within 3 minutes of getting horizontal and suddenly it’s morning.  The clock is spinning like a roulette wheel.  Old friends think I’ve forsaken them; new friends think I’m a flake. But really, I’m just busy dreaming.  Because … Read More Restored