I’m tired.  I need a few more hours in my day for dreaming because I don’t think I have time to dream at night.  I fall asleep within 3 minutes of getting horizontal and suddenly it’s morning.  The clock is spinning like a roulette wheel.  Old friends think I’ve forsaken them; new friends think I’m a flake.

But really, I’m just busy dreaming.  Because I like it.

You know that feeling you have when a fever finally breaks?  It’s such a sense of relief.  You feel whole again.  You wake up, and you forget all the hell of the previous hours or days and you just feel good all over – restored…

Or when you wake up after a beautiful night’s rest on a lazy Sunday morning and your whole body is sunk down into the mattress as though it lives there – you never want to leave that delicious moment…

When you fall in love for the first time in your life, and you feel like every inch of your insides is comfortably full of absolute delight…

That is how I feel.  And I love it.

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