I couldn’t summarize my 2013 any better than this darling sculpture I came across while Christmas shopping.  See the tiny Cinderella shoe?  I mean, c’mon.  This was custom-made for me.  
I wish I knew how I got here.  If I could write it up I’d have a best-seller for sure.  One day I was cleaning fireplaces and wistfully dreaming about the ball.  Somehow, I just knew I’d get to go, even if it didn’t seem possible.  
Then… whoosh.  
A new dress, sparkling shoes, and fancy ride to the palace…  And the music was so divine I felt happy just to be there, never mind meeting the Prince.  (And god knows, I spent years and years looking for him.)  But there he was, and not at all what I expected.  In fact, none of this was expected and stretched the limits of everything I thought I knew about fairy tales.  We danced slowly, and he was gentle and kind and good and strong – and unlike any other man I’d ever met before.  Of course – he was a Prince. 
It really was that simple. 
Moving out of a life of pain and fear and into Love requires nothing but letting go, but isn’t that the hardest thing of all?  Forgetting all the things that hurt me in the past and dancing into joy and gratefulness doesn’t demand a fairy godmother, though a belief in a Power greater than myself is definitely part of my story.
Maybe my book would go something like this:
Chapter One – Believe in Miracles
Chapter Two – Leave the Suffering Behind
Chapter Three – Just Keep Going (Open your Mind)
Chapter Four – Run for your Life (Open your Heart)
Chapter Five – Don’t Be Afraid to Dance at the Ball (Trust)
Chapter Six – Love, Love, Love
And never, ever underestimate the power of a new pair of shoes.

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