I think I’m just about ready to tackle my training schedule for the Spring season, and it’s about time.  I’ve been fooling around for months and months with my heart half in it and with a rebelling, wrecked body.  But it’s time to snap back to one of the things I really love – the thing that put me on a fast track to feeling good.

I made my peace with the treadmill, and none too soon, since Winter arrived today.  What a joke – the balmy temperatures felt like Christmas at Disney World.  But I have a feeling it will get a whole lot worse before it gets better.  At least the daylight will creep back in – the darkness is my enemy this time of year.

I can’t imagine running another marathon.  Hell, right now, I can’t imagine running half of one.  But that’s the beauty of distance running and training.  You just go.  And then you go some more.  And before you know it, your body is itching for the starting line again.

So, here we go… a brand new year with new opportunities.

I’m very, very excited to see what’s next.

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