Of all the things that glitter and shine, a fresh-fallen moonlit snow is one of my most favorite.

It has to be just exactly the right kind of snow – not too wet, not too dry – just right.  Big, fluffy flakes that rest gently where they land, whether it be on the ground before you or on your eyelashes, build layer upon layer of a gorgeous white blanket that tucks in the earth with a magical kiss.  And the light of the moon makes everything glow with an ethereal brightness that permeates your soul and sends a message from the Universe directly to your heart.

There’s just something about that kind of snow.

The world is quiet; a calm serenity drowns out the busyness of the day with its silence.  The only noise is the crunching of nature’s icy glitter beneath your feet.  And the air feels strangely warm, even though the temperature says cold.

Everything feels good and right and just.  And Peace reigns victorious in that kind of snow.  

You find yourself alone in it and rejoice in the solitude but wonder why the rest of the world would ever miss the chance to experience something so divine.  You try to think of other things, but the scenery draws you back to the present moment, where the unspoiled snow lay glittering like millions of jewels in the night.

“Look at me!” it demands.  And I do.

And the loveliness makes me want to weep with joy for being part of this nighttime Winter secret.  

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