I feel the funky funk coming on.  Ick.  It’s that yucky time of year when my body has had enough of the darkness and cold bones and I need some revival.

I’ve taken on some overwhelming projects at home to try to distract myself from the bleak midwinter and keep my adrenaline moving.  It serves its purpose at times, but mostly I’m just more exhausted than ever.  Treadmill runs leave me unfulfilled and a little cranky.

I feel like I’m missing something, but I’m not sure what it is.

Maybe it’s m&m’s. 

I’ve lost 9.2 pounds since my birthday in November.  (Thank you, Weight Watchers.)  Whenever I give up stuffing my face I always end up feeling my feelings more acutely, and right now, I think it’s just easier to be numb.

Maybe it’s sex.

Probably it’s sex.  My whole life it seems I’ve been in situation after situation where I just don’t get my fill.  Why should this decade be any exception?

I know what I think I’m missing and what I want, but is it really the Truth?  What the hell do I want?

I know one thing – I want out of this funky funk.  Right now.

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