He’s magic.

He must be.  There’s no way in hell anyone could have made me feel better after the shitty day I just had.  But… he always makes me smile, even when I’m hunkered down for a long battle.

I don’t know if I’m fighting ghosts or hormones or what, but I’ve just about had enough of it.  Time for Love to put on some boxing gloves and duke it out with Fear.

I think every time I take another step on the ledge of vulnerability, I become afraid all over again.  Exposing myself – my feelings, my dreams – is absolutely terrifying.  What if my feelings aren’t reciprocated?  What if I look stupid… or needy… or foolish?  What if the clock strikes 12 and I’m left shoeless with a pumpkin and some mice?  A million fears and worries dance in my head.

But the very second I leave it all behind for the moment at hand, the world stops spinning, and I feel like the luckiest princess of all.  My happiness knows no bounds when I’m living in Love, and that is where I want to stay.

It’s like a beautiful dance; he twirls me around and I can count on him never to be too far away to grab my hand and pull me back into his arms, where I feel so safe and warm, and where I most certainly belong.

This day is done – thank god.  Time to get a restful night’s sleep, full of beautiful dreams of all my favorite things.

The best of which, is him.

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