My eyes are heavy and my soul is satisfied after a steaming hot bubble bath with lavender.

While my heart is jumping, I feel as though I have absolutely nothing to say, and I wonder if it’s because I don’t know how to say it or because I’ve said all there is to say.

It was a winter storm day here on the East coast.  I used to love snow days, but as technology makes our lives more convenient, it sure takes away from the romance of a good heavy snow.  I used to love the feeling of being confined in my home while I watched the world become buried under a big white blanket.  No guilt at staying inside – just the beauty and quiet of the storm.  But now, with the wonders of the internet and portable computing, I am able to put in a full work day from the comfort of my own home.  No more daydreaming out the window watching the weather – I have to concentrate on my client call.  And when do I shovel?  I’m stressed and worried I’ll miss an important email, so often it waits until nightfall.

I’m pooped.  Do you really care about the snow?  It’s all anyone is talking about, and surely I must find something more important to say.

Let me think on that while I sleep.


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