I’m still a little tongue-tied tonight, but I miss the soothing soul-emptying exercise of writing from my heart before I go to sleep.  I just can’t find my words lately.

In a group meeting I used to attend regularly, we began the hour by going around the room, introducing ourselves, and saying how we felt in a word or two.  How do I feel? 

I’m happy, of course.  Still incredibly happy.  And…

Hmm… what’s coming up for me is that I feel full.  I guess by that I mean that I feel content and satisfied and pleased.  Interesting, that word, with all of my food issues.  Physically, my “full” receptors are broken.  I’m never full from eating.  I can eat and eat and eat, and if the food is good and there is more to be had, I’ll have it.

So I find it fascinating that I feel full emotionally.

I just can’t figure out why I don’t know what to say.

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