The bar has been set very, very high.  I’ll never be satisfied with a regular life again.  And that’s the beauty and the hell of it. 
I have to figure out how to do this without Fear.  Fear is a mother fucker.  
Love is everything.  
Love is an open heart.  Love is thrilling and joyous.  Love is contentment with the world around me.  Love is seeing all the good – everywhere.  Love is a shining light and… freckles.  
Love just wants to love and doesn’t care one bit if it’s loved in return.
But the mother-fucking Fear needs to know if it’s loved.  It must know and it’s afraid it’s not or that it ever will be.  Fear can’t stay in the moment – it’s too busy worrying about tomorrow.  Fear builds walls and closes doors and stamps its feet when it doesn’t get its way.  Fear ends up alone. 
Fear is a bitch.
Just love. 

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