Coach and I had a good chest workout today, followed by a few circuit sets that kicked my ass.  It amazes me how I can run so much and lift weights 5 days a week and still feel out of shape.

I talked to Coach about that, and he understands what I mean… fitness is a phenomenon that doesn’t rely on a number on the scale or consider how many plates you can pile on the bar.  It’s a feeling, really.  A mind, body, soul connection that creates a perfect internal alignment and everything just feels “right.”  My head feels like it’s floating upon my shoulders and I am connected to every cell of my body.  The ground feels solid and sure beneath my feet, and I feel rooted there like a tree that’s part of the earth.  Nothing feels jiggly or out of control, but everything is tight and firm and full of endless energy.

And when I walk the earth returns my energy to me, and I am one with some unseen force that you just have to experience to believe.  It’s like a beautiful dance with the Universe… a rhythmic choreography set to a heavenly tune.

I feel confident and sure.  Happy and joyful and… absolutely content.

It’s kinda like Love, I guess.  It’s like my body is the wiring conducting the Love from my heart to the rest of the world.

I like feeling fit.

The challenge is managing my sex drive when I get to the “feeling fit” part.  I can already feel it twitching.  Just in time for Holy Arm Day.  I hate keeping my hands to myself.

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