Month: March 2014

Dare to Live

Perfect and bulletproof are seductive, but they don’t exist in the human experience. We must walk into the arena, whatever it may be – a new relationship, an important meeting, our creative process, or a difficult family conversation – with courage and the willingness to engage. Rather than sitting on the sidelines and hurling judgment and advice, we must dare to show up and let ourselves be seen. … Read More Dare to Live


The waves wash over me and pull me down under until I can barely breathe.  I’m drowning in happiness and I’ve never felt so alive.  Is it ever too much?  Can you choke to death from joy that squeezes every last drop of sadness from you, leaving nothing but exhilaration and a pounding heart?  Perhaps it is like running long…  All the hurt and … Read More Magic

My Gladiator

I long to be ravaged by a gladiator with starving eyes and a fire that burns hot beneath his armor.   I want the very best gladiator – the leader – the one most admired.  I want the most brilliant mind and the warrior who knows that his deftest sword-swinging skills are fueled by the passion in his heart and not by his bulging … Read More My Gladiator

Run On… Be Still

Anyone who runs long distances can tell you that we get an awful lot of concerned questions and probably a lot of sarcastic sympathy for our crazy, fucked up obsession.  And still, we run. What do I have to prove?  It’s not about proving anything.  It’s about being my best me – only for me.  It’s about trying my hardest.  It’s about not being … Read More Run On… Be Still

Time-Change Quickie

I’m plum-tuckered out.  This week was bright and thrilling from start to finish, leaving me fully charged with a pounding heart and a big smile. It’s exhausting, being happy.  🙂 My days and weeks are very predictable.  Some would say boring.  But I’ve grown to love the rhythm of my life. But I do wonder how it is that these routine moments continue to … Read More Time-Change Quickie

Dream Guy

Rock-hard everything Emotion-filled eyes Healing hands Witty humor Unmatched smarts Sincere compassion Superman strength Kisses with words attached Hugs that swallow me whole Belly full of fire  Uncontrollable ravaging Tender talking Fearless leading Unwavering love

Goodness Gracious

I’m so glad I’m not her.  I’m so glad my life is no longer full of tears and pain and frustration. Even on a tired day with stresses coming from all sides, one look at the face of Love and I am yanked back into the moment where I am content and blissfully joyful.  Love pulls the sheets off of the ghosts and exposes … Read More Goodness Gracious

I’m so Fucking Happy I’m Going to Explode

My heart is full and open tonight. There is a decided difference between being “up” and living in Love.  I don’t believe I ever knew or remembered what it was like to live in Love.  I didn’t know what that felt like – only the Fear.  And when something exciting happened that made my adrenaline rush, that is what I thought I aspired to. … Read More I’m so Fucking Happy I’m Going to Explode


My sex drive is through the roof.  I’ve been charged up all day long, and I think the only time I let it go for awhile was when I made dinner with my son.  Other than that, my system has been in a Code Red status since I woke up this morning. It didn’t help that Coach was in a fitness frenzy today and … Read More Recharge

Evening News

I had a packed day, full of assorted craziness from start to finish. The big snow storm we were promised wimped out and left us nothing but annoyed.  Some minor accumulation and cold air was all she wrote. This morning I received some disturbing but not shocking news about my family in Indiana that reinforced my relief that I decided to move away so … Read More Evening News

Thoughtful Running

The sky was grey and full of winter.  The air was still and cold. I decided to try an old route I haven’t seen since last Spring – a 17-mile quiet stretch of countryside with gentle rolling hills and a section of dirt road that is my little secret. The first 6 miles kept me interested with a busy mind reviewing recent events and … Read More Thoughtful Running

How to Write

How to WriteBrian Andreas