I had a packed day, full of assorted craziness from start to finish.

The big snow storm we were promised wimped out and left us nothing but annoyed.  Some minor accumulation and cold air was all she wrote.

This morning I received some disturbing but not shocking news about my family in Indiana that reinforced my relief that I decided to move away so many years ago.  My own family-unit drama doesn’t seem quite so unbearable now. 
Of course, Chest Day was productive and fun with Coach.  The dynamics at our gym are changing with the addition of some disrespectful gym-rats who moved in from another location.  The core team doesn’t like the disruption or the accompanying attitude.  
Today, two rather manly women were working out in the big-boy section.  Coach slapped on the 45-pound plates so I could show off a little.  He pressed 3 times that like he was pushing air, and I guess he forgot we were doing sets of 10 because he just kept going.
I like Chest Day.
In fact, I like almost everything about my life these days.  I’m happy.  I’m getting fit.  And all the rest makes up the unwritten chapters of this lifetime.  
And tomorrow is Tuesday.  God, I love Tuesdays.   

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