I long to be ravaged by a gladiator with starving eyes and a fire that burns hot beneath his armor.  
I want the very best gladiator – the leader – the one most admired.  I want the most brilliant mind and the warrior who knows that his deftest sword-swinging skills are fueled by the passion in his heart and not by his bulging muscles alone.

I want the man who makes me feel completely safe – the one who would move the earth to rescue me from harm.  I can let go of being careful and fall freely… down, down… into his arms where I kiss him madly until we both come up gasping for a breath.  
And his eyes speak to me without a sound, and this legendary hero sends my heart beating into a rapturous melody unknown to souls this side of heaven.  
His strength engulfs me and both of us fall under the magic that entangles hearts and causes two bodies to devour each other, pressing flesh against flesh until there are no spaces between them.  
I want this gladiator wildly.  My chest aches from the longing to touch his skin and for him to put his hands on mine.  I want to be held and kissed and touched everywhere that can be reached.  
I want to be drunk with happiness and with wine and with a full heart.  
I want this gladiator to exhaust me, and I him.  I want to love him until neither of us can move and then do it again.  And again.  And again.

And again.

And I want to lie still with him and feel everything there is to feel.

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