It’s always hard to come down from a beautiful dream, especially when you really just want to live there happily ever after.  Thank goodness my reality is pretty dreamy.

Every time I dream it, I fall in love all over again – more deeply and more wonderfully than before.  It’s a beautiful life that floats on clouds and has a fuzzy filter that softens all the edges and makes everything look heavenly.  Life is easy in my dream.

Every meal is a divine experience.  Eating with Love is so very satisfying and delicious, leaving me comfortably full and well-nourished.  Food is no longer my enemy in my dream.

Every breath is grateful.  I can’t believe I’m such a lucky Cinderella.

Every kiss is magic.  I feel loved down to my bones.

Every adventure is memorable.  Nothing scares me.  I am safe.

And my happiness escalates to a place that most people will never know or understand.

I hope I dream the dream a million times before I die, because heaven will surely be a disappointing follow-up.

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