My heart feels like it’s going to jump right out of my chest and my watering eyes feel warm and wet.  The universe just keeps stuffing me with more joy than my heart can hold.

When I dreamed of being happy, as a little girl and as an adult, I never could have fathomed the depths that Love could reach inside of me – so deeply has it penetrated all my shields and walls.  It feels incredible and unlike anything I’ve known before.  The more I relax into it, the better it feels.  I gasp and moan as I ride the edge of a constant emotional orgasm.  
I’m afraid to let go – to let it come – because I love the ride and fear the intensity of the release will overwhelm me and swallow me up.  
So I bask in it.  Over and over and over until I’m exhausted and spent from feeling so good.  
All of this joy came not from a house “just so,” nor from an unexpected fortune.  Orion’s Belt.  Red lights.  Word games.   Shining eyes.  
I’m so happy.

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