Month: May 2014

Lucky Duck

I am living a real-life fairy tale, disguised as an unwanted life.   I have a house in the suburbs with soon-to-be-planted boxwood bushes, three kids, and a yappy little dog.  I run marathons for fun.  But I have no husband, and I left my dysfunctional family in Indiana decades ago.  Which, I suppose, makes me not so unique, though I doubt a crowd … Read More Lucky Duck

I’m Home

Two weeks felt like a whole life. Giant metal birds stuffed with annoying sniveling strangers carried me to far away lands with new climates and cultures.  I stayed in beautiful hotels – one of which was reportedly haunted and another had a bathroom that I wanted to fold up and carry home in my suitcase.   Al fresco dining, charming accents, and kind faces eager to … Read More I’m Home

Miles Away

It’s not as good as the Chicago trip.  How could it be?   While I made all the appropriate considerations to ensure the most pleasant flight possible, it became painfully clear from the get-go that this one just wasn’t in the same ball park. The seats shrank and became terribly uncomfortable.  What happened to the plush, luxurious, comfy, divine, happy seats from the Chicago … Read More Miles Away

Always Love

Blank page, busy mind, tied tongue.  Happy heart, grateful spirit, restless body. Anxious nerves, healing lungs, optimistic dreams.  High expectations, new challenges, pure stubbornness.   Love.   Always Love.

Just Breathe

I hate that last part – that “everything will work out for the best.”  It makes me think of someone patting me on the back in a patronizing way as we both watch my life fall apart.  The only way “for the best” works for me is if I’m happy.  Anything short of that goal might be for somebody’s “best” but certainly not for … Read More Just Breathe

Happy Friday

I’m in one of those moods again. One of those mooning, swooning, stars-in-my-eyes, can’t-believe-this-is-my-life moods. It’s just so constant and consistent.  When I’m around him, whatever is on my bother list for the day slips quietly into the background and lets pure happiness take center stage.  It’s some sort of crazy, magic energy that I could never begin to explain.  Every cell in my … Read More Happy Friday