Two weeks felt like a whole life.

Giant metal birds stuffed with annoying sniveling strangers carried me to far away lands with new climates and cultures.  I stayed in beautiful hotels – one of which was reportedly haunted and another had a bathroom that I wanted to fold up and carry home in my suitcase.  

Al fresco dining, charming accents, and kind faces eager to hear what I had to say…  Small mountains with challenging climbs and stunning views from the top… Mississippi sunrises… 

Lost sleep… missed workouts… TSA lines and airport food… tired feet. 

It felt good to get back home. 


Home is where my rocking chair beckons me to kick off my shoes and socks and sit for a spell.  Sounds of nature drain away the clutter in my head and the birds fight for center stage, singing and lecturing and gossiping, creating a chaotic melodic chorus throughout the neighborhood that calms me down and puts me in a zen-like trance.  

Home is routine.  Home is a comfortable amount of predictability.  Home is all of my favorite things. 

I love my favorite things. 

1 Comment on “I’m Home

  1. Welcome home Lisa!! Sounds like a wonderful but busy experience. Enjoy that rocking chair! 🙂


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