I decided to take a little break from running while I heal my body and my mind and my spirit.  It seems counter-intuitive, I suppose, considering that running is usually my soul-saving addiction.  But I just felt like I needed to feel clear again – my lungs have been yucky for months and I felt a little bit worn out.

So I’ve thrown myself into studying and gardening and organizing a backyard makeover.  
It’s a surreal feeling to live in a house this long.  The longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life was my childhood home for 10 years.  I’ve been here 6.  
So it’s time, I guess, to settle in and get comfortable, though I don’t feel particularly tied to this house.    I want to create a peaceful environment that helps me relax and unwind, and for this time of year, the  target focus is outside.  
My family didn’t “hang out” outside.  We had a screened in back patio that didn’t see much action unless my mother was on the phone with her friends for hours finding support for her (unbeknownst to me) upcoming divorce, and a tiny front porch that was barely big enough for me to stand on with my dates for a goodnight kiss.  We didn’t have outside spaces.  These days, people are creating living areas that extend beyond floor plans and into their gardens and the great outdoors.  
We decided to try it, and I spent this evening harvesting, rinsing and bagging a variety of interesting herbs from our tiny garden.  It’s just a small part of our outdoor experiment.  
It’s exciting to watch flowers and vegetables grow from some tiny green thing you bring home from the home improvement store.  Usually I kill off most of my purchases because of neglect, but this year I’m into it for some reason.  My son has taken a particular interest in the vegetable/herb garden in light of his recent affection for the culinary arts.  I hope to reap the benefits of that fine hobby.  🙂
Tonight when I got home from work, my yard was full of kids, and everyone looked happy and relaxed.  The transformation is promoting life and Love, which is the goal, after all. 

One Comment on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Thought I'd check in and and glad I did. I love this post. To me there is nothing like running to search my soul but if there was a close second it would be just being home and tinkering around my yard. No worries, no agenda, no time limit, just tinkering and sometimes admiring. Funny how something so opposite from running could have such similar results. Crazy but true.


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