Month: July 2014

Not My Worst Part

We’re two episodes into Season 2 of Masters of Sex, one of my favorite shows.  While there aren’t too many quotable quotes from the story of Masters and Johnson and their clinical sex research at a time when no one talked about orgasms or vibrators, I heard a good one in this last show. Dr. Masters told a young girl with a debilitating, uncontrollable … Read More Not My Worst Part

States of Mind

I love the soothing rhythm of my front-porch rocking chair.  My winged friends are wound up this evening, but the mocking birds are strangely silent.  Usually it’s all I hear – the incessant twitter of a dozen different calls from the show-offs of the neighborhood.  I wonder where they are. The new boxwoods that line the front of the porch are showing light green … Read More States of Mind

Use Your Words

I’m so tired of feeling intimidated by a blank page.  Maybe if I take up smoking and move to New York City with three single girlfriends, I’ll be able to write smoothly about Love and relationships, just like Carrie Bradshaw.  She always has something profound to tap out on her Macbook while gazing down at the city from her trendy apartment window. Love is … Read More Use Your Words


Sometimes, when you least expect it, magic comes and opens a door to a world you never knew existed.  Letting my guard down and allowing my feelings to rush in created the perfect environment for a pixie dust moment.  Well, several. I am exceedingly happy.  I wish I knew a word that meant “happy times a gajillion.” I don’t know that I could describe … Read More Surrender

Veni, Vidi, Vici

It finally came.  They’ve been promising it for days and days.   I carefully managed all the critical timing of two very important parts of my day around what they told me, only to discover that… they lied.  Again.  And again.  And again. So I moved the grass-cutting up and ran late.  I held off the hoses and watched my garden wilt. But finally, … Read More Veni, Vidi, Vici

Lightning Bugs

Heather Carter’s enchanting illustration  The fireflies danced like thousands of tiny glowing fairies in the dark field, and the lightning flashed in the sky like lights on a nightclub dance floor.  The rain had passed, and the earth was recovering from a quenching guzzle of water that refreshed her parched spaces and left pools of water everywhere for a reserve supply. My head was … Read More Lightning Bugs


Sometimes I’m exhausted from being so happy.  My cheek muscles ache from smiling and my energy is zapped from the constant surge of pleasure that courses through my veins like a life-giving drug.  Is it a horrible thing, to let joy overwhelm me? Every once in awhile, it just gets me. It’s like riding the edge of an orgasm and feeling every good and … Read More Cheeky