It finally came.  They’ve been promising it for days and days.   I carefully managed all the critical timing of two very important parts of my day around what they told me, only to discover that… they lied.  Again.  And again.  And again.

So I moved the grass-cutting up and ran late.  I held off the hoses and watched my garden wilt.

But finally, tonight, it came.

It rolled in like an angry freight train, dumping ridiculous amounts of water on the dry earth and whipping up frightening winds and maybe even a tornado.  I can still hear it out there, growling and muttering under its breath as it loses power and reluctantly moves on.

Meanwhile, life is good and I am happy.

Very happy.

The countryside is bursting with life and growth, much like my soul.

My, how a decade changes everything.

Ten years ago, I was preparing to make an enormous life-changing decision.  It would effect not only my life, but the lives of lots of people I care for very much.  It was painful and heart-breaking.  It depleted me for awhile.

But here I sit, on the other side of recovery, and I am shocked at the amount of unhappiness I endured before I changed my situation.

If only I’d known how much fun I could have at a drinking fountain or putting coffee in a bag or talking… or running though the countryside… if I’d known how happy life could really be without Fear, I would have given it up such a very long time ago.

I feel so grateful.

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