I’m so tired of feeling intimidated by a blank page.  Maybe if I take up smoking and move to New York City with three single girlfriends, I’ll be able to write smoothly about Love and relationships, just like Carrie Bradshaw.  She always has something profound to tap out on her Macbook while gazing down at the city from her trendy apartment window.

Love is always on my mind.
But sometimes the joys of parenting and pet ownership and employment and marathon training and weight watching and bill paying and house cleaning and a million other things set my mind spinning or numb me out completely, and the words get lost before they come out.
And sometimes Love paralyzes me a little.
It’s so much easier to just feel it.  How do you find new words to describe something that’s been written about since the beginning of time?  None of the words I know are right.  
And now it’s bedtime.  Again.  
I guess I’ll try again tomorrow…

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