I trust you.  

Cross my fingers, hope to god you won’t hurt me.  Until you do.

We hurt.  We get really, really mad.  And if we can’t let go of the grudge it eventually kills us like a slow-spreading cancer.  But between perceptions, cultural differences, beliefs, and basic human nature, we’re bound to feel hurt by someone we love now and again.  Sometimes I trust you is a cop out to avoid facing my own trust issues.

I trust me. 

That’s the hard part.  When I hurt myself, I have no one else to blame but me.  
Can I accept the responsibility of making good decisions?  Have I learned to understand the difference between that tug in my gut versus a tug in my groin?  Can I ignore both of those things if something just “feels” right (or wrong) in my heart?
Trusting is a spirit-mind-body connection.  Getting it right takes practice and lots of experience.  
Trusting myself means knowing – knowing – that everything will be okay, even when there is hard evidence to the contrary.
There is no feeling more empowering and relieving and Loving than looking into another person’s eyes and knowing.  

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