“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking,
what I’m looking at, what I see, and what it means.”

~Joan Didion

It was a tough year – 2015.  But I am excited to start again with a blank calendar, a new list of goals, a fresh look for my blog, and a willingness to change.

Simplicity will be an ongoing theme in 2016.  I have a couple of big projects underway with the goal of reducing my overall stress and getting through mid-life without inflicting too much pain on others.

The first big change was to archive my old blog of 10 years and find a new place to put my musings.  I’m still fooling around with the tool set here, but I think I’ve got the clean look I was after.

Another humongous task I’ve already begun is The Great Home Clearing Project.  I expect to be writing a lot about that; how clearing my clutter is touching other areas of my life and my heart.

So I’m looking forward to 2016.  I am thrilled to be getting back to my writing, even if I’m a little rusty.

Here we go…


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