All of my life, and all of your lives have come to this point. There is nowhere else to be, but here. Nowhere else to live or die, but here. To be here, now, is the only thing that matters.

~ Duke Rollo Lothbrok, Vikings


When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to grow up.  Now that I’m grown up, I spend a lot of time thinking about my childhood.  Dreaming and reflecting are a natural and necessary part of life, but I feel most alive when my mind, body and spirit are immersed in the moment at hand.

Last week, I learned how to saddle-stitch a small booklet.  I became so consumed with this process that I did little else with my vacation time but print, cut and assemble beautiful personal journals to feed my paper fetish.  Nothing else existed but the needle and thread and the task at hand.

A countryside run never fails to pull my attention to the present moment.  My mind can be in a million places at the first step, throbbing with worries about the future or upset about the past, but by the last mile the breathtaking scenery and the rhythm of my pace pulls me out of my head and there is nothing else but the cornfields, my breathing, and my elated soul.

Whether I’m creating, running, or sharing a laugh with my children, my best times are the “here and now” kind.


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